Pretty Damn Quick will launch in...

The launch of PDQ is delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We will proceed once some sort of normality is restored to office working in central London.

Welcome to Pretty Damn Quick

Fast Airborne Low Cost Office Networking

 up to 100Mbps with various plans to suit
 portable kit - you may change location
 minimal contention
 installation within a few days not weeks
 rolling, versatile contracts
 unlimited data usage at fixed prices
First, choose one of three target speeds:
25Mpbs @ £30 pcm
50Mpbs @ £45 pcm
100Mpbs @ £60 pcm
Then choose one of two plans:
- 12 month pre-paid contract with no installation fee
- 3 month pre-paid contract + £120 installation fee
...and once your pre-paid contract is up you switch to a rolling monthly contract
Choose your speed...
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