work from anywhere, and always be 'at work'...

Most of us want to work from wherever we are, and want access to our office info, systems and resources when we do.
Using our HomeVPN(s), members of your team can use an existing internet connection (from any provider) to hook into your PDQ connected office/studio network and then everything works as if you're actually there.
Now you can take your home office on the road, or to the beach too!
Print documents, share stuff with your colleagues, access the design brief for that new job, upload your location shots for everyone else to see, etc. etc.
Some VPNs can be a little slow and clunky - but PDQ uses modern secure protocols to provide a snappier solution restrained only by whatever speed your remote connection can provide.
As a guide, setting up a HomeVPN connection involves a one-off cost of £40. This includes 15 mins of remote support to install and configure your device.

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