Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a new or existing user?

1. Why Perry?


Perry is a Peregrine Falcon - the fastest bird on earth. Our system offers Fast Aerial Low Cost Office Networking. In a nutshell, a pretty damn quick internet service over the rooftops of London!
You'll find lots more info for bird geeks on Wikipedia here.

2. How does it work?

Simple really. We survey your building and see whether your location will require an external antenna.
We can locate an antenna on your roof or outside your office window(s).
If we can't get fast enough service immediately then we will pop you on our map, invite you to our next PDQ networking event (generally held in Soho bars!) and contact you the moment our rapidly expanding network can hook you up at the speed you prefer!

3. More details please...

We're not reliant on either phone lines or cable TV fibre optics in the street. Virtually every other internet service is. Instead, we deliver our signal using rooftop antennae which hook our equipment (and hence our users) up to the internet as a whole.
Our tech is over-engineered for the services we're quoting, which range from 25Mbps to 100Mbps per customer site. Transmission does not require line-of-sight but generally works better if it's available. Where signal is weaker, choosing the right "booster" antenna is crucial!
Suitable antennae range in cost from £50-£200 and (if required) will need to be purchased at the time of installation. We will quote your options once our assessment of available on-site signal strength has been done.
Our anticipated speed/performance always presumes that a suitable antenna is deployed when necessary. But not all sites will need an antenna.

4. What happens if it rains etc?

The same thing that happens when you use your cell phone in the rain. Nada. And as a bonus, your keypads keep working too! As we build our network we'll be exploiting multiple paths between antennae systems so things can reroute if there's any issue with a particular mast and so ensure no interruption of your service.

5. Why is upload speed important?

Uploading larger files on most internet connections can take a very long time. Far too long really! This is because these systems typically offer 10-30% of their download speed for uploads.
So while you're waiting you check the FTSE or Facebook - which slows down your laptop while you are uploading that important video that needs to be at your clients pretty damn quick (like what we did there?).
But with upload speed much closer to download, Pretty Damn Quick becomes a lifesaver, turning a job that once perhaps took hours into minutes. Time you can then use to discuss your work with your clients. Or go to the pub!

6. What options do you offer?

1. Choose your speed - 25Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps
2. Choose between a one year prepaid contract with no installation cost, or a 3 month contract with a £120 installation cost.
Once you are out of either initial contract you move on to a rolling monthly contract with 30 days notice.

7. You want to speak to my neighbours?

Once we're on a rooftop etc., we can supply an entire building and we'd like to give everyone access to our incredibly fast internet.
So if you refer another business to us we'll give you some free internet - a gift from us for being one of our early adopters.
Every customer is firewalled to ensure complete privacy.

8.1. What is the difference between PDQ and BT Infinity?

British Telecom owns nearly all of the country's phone lines, and almost all internet services (including many of the so-called "fibre" systems) rely on that same copper cable that could have been installed last century.
PDQ is aerial - we don’t need these phone lines, so while almost everyone else is stuck using the same old fashioned tech you are on a different, modern system. Our slowest option matches BT real world "Infinity 1" performance downstream and will be significantly faster upstream.

8.2. So what about PDQ v. Virgin?

Virgin can supply fibre optic connections right to the premises where they have been able to dig up the street and lay their more modern fibre-optic network. Originally envisaged for cable TV systems, fibre offers better bandwidth (and hence speed) compared to phone cables. But curiously Virgin restrict upload speed to 10% of download, unless you purchase much more expensive solutions from them.
We accept our slowest option is nowhere near as fast as Virgin downstream but, crucially, it's way quicker upstream.
If you need to regularly upload larger digital content then PDQ is a complete "no brainer" in terms of performance.

8.3. How does PDQ compare with a leased line?

A leased line offers a robust internet service at speeds typically up to 100Mbps and will provide the same speed downstream and upstream.
But such systems have significant installation and running costs that make them considerably more expensive than the equivalent PDQ solution, and our faster options can match a leased line - both upstream and downstream again.
We expect our service to be of particular interest to smaller, boutique companies who simply cannot afford conventional leased line systems.

9. Can I combine PDQ with another system for resilience and peace of mind?

Yes! If uninterrupted internet is crucial to your business why not have a "best of both worlds" solution - retain your existing copper/fibre connection at street level and add in our aerial solution alongside.
This really is resilient because Pretty Damn Quick doesn't use any of the street kit (cabling, junction boxes, telephone exchanges, etc.) used by other internet providers.

10. So what exactly goes on my roof / outside my window(s)?

Our preferred antenna systems come in three styles. The first is a small surface mount device little bigger than a credit card designed to bond to glass (a window). The others are a little larger. Either a small dish, up to 150mm in diameter or a rectangular unit, around 200mm square.
Choice of antenna is always determined by the site conditions and situation, and the performance you want to achieve - lower speeds require less sophisticated kit!
Wall fixings are simple, and secure - an antenna is not especially heavy. We need a single cable link to the antenna.
Finally our router is a small rectangular unit that sits on a shelf in your office and requires one power connection and an ethernet link if you run a wired network. This equipment stays powered up all the time, and its power consumption is less than a single 40W light bulb.

11. And finally... What is PDQ's homeVPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Using whatever internet connection you already have at home (or anywhere else for that matter) we can "tunnel" a direct link to your office, so each of your devices (computer, smartphone, VoIP phone etc.) thinks it's there at work (and so does everyone else!).
Then all the services you have at the office (filesharing, printing etc.) are available to you at your remote location. This is a securely encrypted connection (safe and private) that will be as fast as the internet can allow.

1. Do you have a referral scheme?

Yes. Everyone you recommend who signs up to our system gets you one free month's service (as a credit on your account with us). You'll find more info here.

2. Can I go faster/slower please?

Yes. After the first three months you can change speed up or down on 30 days notice, subject to a maximum of 3 speed changes per annum.

3. My connection seems slow today...

We provide a number of online tools to help us monitor your system. Please visit our diagnostics page and then submit these results to us. This will raise a priority support ticket and we'll be in touch PDQ!

4. How do I use the HomeVPN?

This works with almost any internet connection from any other location, and connects you direct to your office, as if you were physically there.
For detailed setup instructions (and software download if necessary) for most common devices please login at our Customer Portal.
If your device is not listed, please raise a support ticket and we'll get things sorted out PDQ!

5. What happens at the end of my initial contract?

Whether you took an annual contract or our three month starter plan, you move on to a monthly rolling contract as it ends. This is all seamless and there's no interruption to your service. You can also change speeds (up or down) if you wish.
Monthly fees are collected on your registered card (please use our Customer Portal you keep your card details up to date) and will reflect any credit you have with us at all times.

6. What happens if I move premises?

Because we're an aerial system we will need to do a site survey at your new location.
If we can supply, then we'll install new duplicate kit ahead of your move, and configure things exactly as they are at your old location. There is no setup charge if/when you move location.
If we are unable to supply at the new location then if you are on a one year pre-paid contract we will refund half (50%) of the outstanding balance. On either plan we will pay you £100 for the safe return of our (used) equipment.

7. How do I update my payment details (new card etc.)?

Please login at our Customer Portal, raise a support ticket and choose "Update my payment details". Alternatively, you may Contact Us by email or phone.

8. Is my data and identity secure with PDQ?

Yes, we take data protection and confidentality seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy which details how we use your information, and also confirms that we will NEVER sell or share your info to third parties outside The Rocket Shop group of businesses.