Cloud Server

a server in the cloud for all your documents and other shared resources...

Combine our internet connectivity with a cloud server (and maybe some home VPNs as well) and you have a complete "work from (almost) anywhere" solution.

Please talk to us about your options.

Our pricing is based on what you use (data transferred) as well as how much you store (data overall size), so this is also well worth considering as a robust yet cost-effective "off site backup" system.

Our solution works well with both Mac and Windows clients, and of course various smart phone apps can keep you connected and in sync while on the go.
As a guide, a small cloud server with 1TB capacity and 120GB data transfer cap will cost just £17 per month to operate.

  • Additional fees will be incurred to "pre-load" your server (dependent upon the amount of data required initially).
  • Minimum contract period 3 months.
  • Most devices should be simple to set up unaided but remote support is also available for £40 per device.

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Cloud Server