PDQ around Soho Square

Over 15yrs ago we brought "up to 24Mb broadband" to creatives in and around Soho - at the time a huge increase over other broadband solutions.

And now we're doing it again, only faster! Faster than BT Infinity, Virgin, and at least as fast as many leased lines.

And we deliver significantly higher upstream (upload) speed too.

Our standard options (Mbps downstream) are:

25Mbps @ £30 pcm
50Mbps @ £45 pcm
100Mbps @ £60 pcm

We may also be able to offer even faster speeds to special order.

PDQ around Soho Square

Most internet systems come to your premises via some sort of cable in the street. But we're airborne. It's like wifi - but on steroids. Lots of steroids.

Combine our service with your existing (cable) connection and you have a solution that's superfast and highly unlikely to all fail at once. When that digger cuts through your cables up the road you just smile quietly and carry on working!

Or just abandon the Luddite tech completely and join the future - with wireless links that just work, and are pretty damn quick too...

PDQ Rooftop
PDQ Huawei B618 4G router

Our 100Mbps connection will cost you far less than a typical "fibre to the premises" solution. Our equipment is simple and easy to install, and we don't need permission to dig up the road (and a place in the queue behind everyone else trying to do the same thing).

With PDQ you can be up and running (subject to site survey) within a few days, not 2-3 months!

Installation costs are much lower than fibre solutions too. With PDQ if you prepay your first 12 month then there is ZERO INSTALLATION COST. Or you can opt for a shorter 3 month contract and pay just £120 for installation - the choice is your's. Both contracts move to a rolling monthly agreement once they are up.

Yes, this is more expensive than BT Infinity or Virgin Business Broadband, but with PDQ's much faster upload speeds there's really no comparison.

Still not convinced? Some of our early adopters may be eligible for a free trial for up to 30 days. We really don't think you'll cancel once you've tried this for yourself! More questions? Please read our FAQs and or give us a shout...